This season Stephen Webster looks to the British Isles for inspiration as the new fine jewelry collections pay homage to the best of British history, culture, art and design.  From David Bowie and the night sky, to the plumage of pheasants and writings of William Blake,  the fine jewelry collection encompasses an array of wildly detailed stories executed in quintessential Stephen Webster style.

Characterizing Webster’s renowned wit and humor, the playfully titled Stargazer collection references the legendary Cornish delicacy, the Stargazy Pilchard Pie. Spectacular chandelier drop earrings and collars feature gem-set cascading stars to create a stunning showpiece suite which rivals the most awe-inspiring constellations.

For the Fall 2014 advertising campaign, the brand teamed up with top photographer Rankin.

“The concept for our 2014-2015 campaign was to show the empowering quality of our jewellery, but also its glamorous and delicate nature, and try to capture all of it in a frame… We brought the Stephen Webster woman to life the way we’ve always perceived her: strong, confident, and feminine. She knows who she is and what she wants,” said the designer.