The Christian Dior Fusion trainers marks the allure of a woman who is simultaneously elegant and modern, a citizen who makes the city her own in a bold and poetic manner. These shoes are as futuristic as they are couture, decidedly unclassifiable. This embroidered sneaker represents the perfect fusion between the exceptional craftsmanship of Christian Dior and the urban world of Raf Simons. Monsieur Dior’s beloved flowers are hand-embroidered on this modern and comfortable “slip-on” model.

A sophisticated and ultra-fashionable reinterpretation of a “slip-on” shoe, Dior Fusion trainers are innovative, doing away with laces for a sophisticated look, ease of wear and comfort. They feature a high-performance technical material with an incomparable resistance and lightness. These sneakers feature unique couture details such as the ribbon, the bow and the embroidery inspired by the floral world of Dior. Finally, they are available in a range of colors, both contrasting and harmonious tone-on-tone that form a joyful and elegant color scheme.