Featuring Gucci Pre-Fall 2014’s signature accessories collection— a vibrant revival of the iconic crisscross motif —”Bright Diamante” proves playing with color is a stylish pursuit. Made up of tiny diagonal facets that resemble a diamond, it’s back in a big way for this coming season.

Shot in London on a large soundstage and recalling the mix and match logic of a Rubik’s cube, the video features top models and a bevy of bags in all of the collection’s colors, from Fuchsia to Teal to Yellow. A doll house of monochromatic colored attics and bedrooms and basements and studies with a mind of it’s own. Drawing the Gucci clad models together and pulling them apart – the master of the house, colour. Yellow bag, blue room. Blue bag, yellow room. Frantically like fabulously possessed dress dolls they erratically move from room to room exchanging bags.