“Detachable cuts where garments open and close around a free moving body” is how the press notes described the Maison Margiela Resort 2015 collection. Rather than a treatise in tricked-up clothes, the house’s design team worked the concept into wearable ways. In a play on men’s wear, there was a bomber jacket rendered in raffia and an oversize gray trenchcoat with extra-deep pockets. As for those detachable cuts, a pink angora pullover consisted of a shell top and a pair of sleeves attached together by a string.

Jackets, as smartly tailored as usual, feature linings that peek out from lapels and sleeves, or entire second jackets that can be layered or worn separately. Pants were mostly left alone but skirts were a different story; one leather style was actually a vest worn inside out and snapped around the waist over black stirrup pants.

Combined, it read chic twinset, though with a distinct twist.