French DJ and producer Bob Sinclar and Gisele Bündchen have teamed up for a cover of the iconic song “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie for H&M.

Modern beats and production update the magical groove, while Gisele sings with her characteristic sensual voice and adds an aura of international stardom. “Heart Of Glass” was recorded in New York and Los Angeles. Bob Sinclar is a legendary DJ and producer and has been one of the biggest names in house music for over a decade. Some of his most popular hits include “Love Generation” and “World, Hold On”. When Bob is not touring the world, he is based in Paris and Los Angeles, where he has his own studios.

This is a non-profit project; H&M, Bob Sinclar and Gisele Bündchen will donate all their royalties to UNICEF and its work on education.

Education is one of the most efficient, successful and cost-effective ways to end poverty. By downloading the song you will support UNICEF to help the most vulnerable children have a better future through education.