The inspiration for the Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014 collection can be found everywhere: the symbolic exchange of a stop sign, the meaning of color, heraldic insignia, the symbolic charge of a rose, uniforms, uniformity, all remixed through a lexicon of luxury, their symbolic devices forming the basis for intricate laces, embroideries, and brocades. Lines are sleek, often elongated and ground-skimming. Pleats animate fabric, garments layered to give depth to each look. Butchers aprons are reinterpreted as a metallic dresses, fragile lace is patterned with road-signs and tool box interiors, and bespoke military-inspired appliqués are used as decorative devices. Tokenistic gods, reminiscent of samurai warriors are created from collections of symbols, forming new emblems that signify Mary Katrantzou. Indeed, the free exchange of symbols throughout derives an additional meaning, to denote the wearer as a member of the Katrantzou tribe.