The Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection is undeniably eclectic and vastly diversified. Based on the beauty truths of the multi-dimensional designer himself, this line depicts the essence of Marc’s imagination and vision.

The collection features a large array of different products in four categories: Smart Complexion (foundation, concealer, powder), Blacquer (eye liner, lash lifter, gel crayon), Hi-Per Color (eye products, lip products, nail polish), and Boy Tested Girl Approved ( unisex products including lip balm, brow tamer, and concealer).

For Marc, color and texture are intertwined, and his favorite coffee table’s 30 coats of lacquer was the inspiration for Blacquer, the deepest, and shiniest black. In this collection color is more than the visible spectrum. In the Marc Jacobs Beauty line, palettes hold moods, icons, and music. Marc’s healthy lifestyle guided these formulations of inspired ingredients and technology to create the smartest in skincare.

The prices will range from $24 for lip balm to $59 for a seven color eye shadow palette.

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