The Etro Fall 2014 collection featured layering of textures, patterns, colors, and embroideries, and chock-full of Fall trends like blanket dressing and shearling.

Veronica Etro has long had a knack for sussing out which direction fashion is heading and putting an Etro gloss on that. Backstage the designer was talking about timelessness, and more than a handful of the coats and dresses here had the feeling of an exquisite vintage find: a copper and black dévoré velvet dress shot through with shimmery Lurex, an almost weightless silk chiffon number in a tapestry print woven with thick stripes of gold, a wool coat paneled here and there with intricate thread embroideries.

Amid all that finery, a couple of fox-fur jackets looked like too much; a long wool paisley coat lined with mink was just as luxurious, but more discreet. Elsewhere, Veronica was amazing at balancing the riches of her materials with easy, flowing silhouettes.