The Diesel Black Gold Fall 2014 collection featured abbreviated hemlines and revealing textures for the brand. The twist, however, was the nostalgic futurism that inspired the fall collection, and from which Andreas Melbostad drew elements that formed the construction of this space-ready adventuress wardrobe.

Metal plaques on pleated skirts reminded, in a more accessible way, the seminal futurism of designers from the late 20th century. Futurism continued in the closures; nary a button was on display, it was zips and pressure closures all the way. On a sweater, the ribbing puffed out just so, giving the piece a pseudo-quilted aspect. It felt smart, and looked sleek, sexy and the detailing – quilting on a leather jacket, asymmetric closure on a shirt – brought out the here-and-now qualities of many of the pieces.

In this collection, Melbostad confirms clearly the progression of the brand, and that he’s only warming up.