For the Burberry Fall 2014 collection , Christopher Bailey explain the title of the collection, “The Bloomsbury Girls” which was inspired by the arty-crafty/literary cluster of people—Roger Fry, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, and Virginia Woolf—who inhabited the Bloombury quarter of London and Charleston house in East Sussex. “Basically, walls, furniture, fabric, anything that moved, they painted it!” The clothes followed suit. Free-form hand-drawn flowers and foliage smothered everything from shearling coats and jackets to dresses, ponchos, traily scarves, blanket throws, and booties. It gave everything a welcome flavor of the domestic, the cozy, the romantic, and the very special.When something more decorous was called for, Bailey offered languidly proper dresses in crepe. Waists were high, bodices were shirred, lengths were long.

There was still an enormous weight of merchandise, with all the hand-painted bags and shoes and tapestry totes and scarves and blankets and toggled belts