Moncler Grenoble, the collection designed to offer the utmost performance for use both in the ...

February 10, 2014


Moncler Grenoble, the collection designed to offer the utmost performance for use both in the high mountains and day-to-day city life, transforms the stage of New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom into a unique audio-visual experience.

Sixty choristers, dressed entirely in black and white, lined up in a structure on several levels and the Pendulum Choir, dressed in down-filled morning suits, placed on hydraulic platforms produce a thoroughly contemporary experience; an identical approach adopted by Moncler.

For the women’s collection, the aesthetic impact is increasingly sophisticated. The long and short fur has become the hallmark of the season on both jackets and knitwear, with the latter made increasingly strategic. It sees a blend of baby alpaca with technical yarns, and hand-made models. Next winter’s cult will be all-in-one suits and tie-dye fur in graduated colors, ranging from intense hues on the background to absolute black. The stretch quilting reworks the tight embossing of skiwear from the ‘60s. The forms are still close-fitting, with an elegantly retro feel.

For menswear, the technical details define the spirit of the various garments. The mix & match of different materials remains a strong point of the collection, which features three-dimensional and breathable waterproof mesh. The English wool, now a distinctive element of the Moncler universe, is all thermal and drip-proof, whilst in some versions the nylon sees a print that creates a tweed effect. Overlapping effects bring the men’s and women’s products to life, harnessing the light weight of the ‘longue saison’ down jackets which can be fitted inside other garments depending on the temperature, with colors that all match each other. Citylook trousers in wool or fine corduroy conceal a nylon core that ensures they achieve outstanding performance levels.


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