Alexa Chung is featured in the Longchamp Spring 2014 ad campaign with a video that features Alexa as she hits the lovely streets of Saint-Tropez while carrying a variety of Longchamp’s new goods. The nearly two-minute video not only showcases Longchamp’s forthcoming collection, but also does showcases Alexa’s femme, effortless style with her breezy wardrobe. The 30-year-old British It girl dons colorful dresses, linen shorts, easy rompers and ballet flats as she races all over Saint-Tropez.

The video’s standout Spring 2014 piece? The brand’s 20th anniversary version of its iconic Le Pliage bag, which Alexa carries in a perfectly electric yellow shade. After following in the legendary footsteps of Kate Moss and Coco Rocha, we’d say that Alexa certainly does both Longchamp and her inimitable predecessors justice.