The Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014 collection featured tomboy glamour. He opened with a double-breasted camel coat, an oversize blue shirt, and slouchy yet tailored gray pants, worn with crocodile sneakers, a first for the label. Menswear vibe established, he started riffing: embroidering sky-blue chinos with rhinestones in a paisley motif, accessorizing a foulard-print pantsuit with matching loafers and zip pouches, morphing a rep scarf into a pleated skirt, and cutting a black-and-white houndstooth fabric into a strapless dress. The look that best captured the collection’s feminine swagger was a cashgora robe coat in fawn, tossed over a black cashmere sweater and full-leg scarlet trousers. The flat shoes were key. He even believes in them for evening. A gorgeous black sequined dress over-embroidered in crystals was shown with shiny black oxfords.

Kors has a new name for Pre-Fall. He’s calling it “trans.” We’re not sure that’s a moniker that will stick, but there’s no doubting that these clothes will.