For the Lacoste Spring 2014 collection, designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista explored the idea of lightness both in his choice of fabrics and his unusual color palette. One that moved from terracotta and grass green shades all the way to the palest of pinks and mint.

The show opened with a rather on the nose take on the idea of delineation by using contrasting piping on the edges of men’s suits, high waisted pants and easy coats- pieces that had just a whiff of chic pajamas about them. But then Oliveira Baptista smartly began to try out more original avenues to explore his idea of intersecting points and perimeters.

By inserting bibs of waffle textured polo t-shirt fabrics with other tone on tone textiles, playing with transparent bands of fine knitwear, and most intriguingly layering white semi sheer fabrics on top of each other to give a three dimensional richness to the ensembles, Oliveira Baptista was able to create a very contemporary look at the idea of edge work. These pieces proved he had really explored with depth and purpose his theme this season.

There were a lot of great outfits in this collection. The nylon suits looked like a fun and modern alternative to ones cut in wrinkled linen. Slinky knit shirt dresses, particularly one blue, bare backed wraparound exit, proved Lacoste can do sexy as well as sporty. And the computer generated architect drawings of the inside of a building made for an fascinating patterned print addition to the show.