Ralph Lauren takes us to Jamaica showcased chic runway show with a nautical allure

Inspired by Round Hill Hotel and Villas, the family’s vacation home and resort in Montego Bay, the Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 collection kicked off with a string of barefoot models wearing vibrant blue and white sundresses. The first six models hit the runway sans any footwear at all—opting for a laid-back, island vibe instead of teetering heels.

“Everyone wishes for a magical place where they can step out of time into the beauty of nature. For Spring 2018, I wanted to share the mood, the light, the blue and white freshness of my retreat in Jamaica,” said Ralph Lauren. “My collections for women and men conjure up the carefree, sophisticated style of this special experience –exuberant, luxurious, timeless!”

From ultra-nautical blue and white looks to designs featuring the yellow and green colors of Jamaica’s flag, Lauren’s spring collection was a mashup of the island’s serene beach vibes along with the brand’s signature style. Along with the collection, the runway itself was built as a mini version of the designer’s Jamaican retreat.

Watch backstage as models prepare for a runway show that will transport them to a tropical paradise.