Designer Rebecca Taylor launches an exclusive line La Vie bringing retro-inspired pieces to the modern woman. The line is complementary to the designer’s main Ready-to-Wear range, featuring bon-ton floral prints, velvet blazers and cute dresses to the catwalk.

“Everyone always tells me they buy my clothes for parties,” she says. “But I really want them to wear Rebecca Taylor during the day, too. I live in jeans and vintage Victorian shirts, so I wanted to start offering new pieces that felt more personal to me.”

La Vie Rebecca Taylor reimagines casual wear with approachable, versatile pieces that bring a hint of the extraordinary to everyday dressing. Inspired by favorite pieces and memories, La Vie offers the aesthetic notes of the brand’s eponymous line—feminine shapes, unique prints and dimensional detailing.

Where Rebecca Taylor features vibrant Bloomsbury-inspired prints, beading, lush silks, and floor-sweeping skirts, La Vie is more subdued, with humble fabrics like cotton and twill and faded vintage-y prints. The collection brings a sense of timeless cool to vintage-inspired denim, twill bottoms and relaxed knits, transforming casual pieces into evocative, beautiful, off-duty moment.