Gucci will pay homage to the world’s most dynamic cities with special editions of the brand’s signature Dionysus bag.

Starting from January, the flagships located in Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai will carry a special version of the Gucci bag crafted from the GG Supreme canvas and featuring the metallic double tiger head.

The Gucci Dionysus bag is crafted from GG Supreme Canvas and features a metallic double tiger head closure (referencing Greek God Dionysus’ journey across the river Tigris on a large Tiger sent to him by Zeus). Inside each bag, Gucci stitched an embroidered leather patch showing a bee motif, along with the name of the city to which the style is dedicated.

Special decorations will differentiate the bags available in each city. For example, the style sold in London will be decorated with a snake and roses, while a starfish and dragonflies will appear on the Dubai versions.

The brand launched a Dionysus bag dedicated to Milan in December.

Gucci’s preexisting Dionysus bags retail between $2,100 and $3,290. Its current styles feature the classic GG Supreme repeating logo pattern, the floral-patterned Blooms print shoulder bag and a leather Dionysus Arabesque bag.