Discover the line that captures the olfactory atmosphere of the historic Diptyque shop.

October 5, 2022


Taking its name, its spirit, indeed its very soul from Diptyque’s first-ever address, the 34 boulevard Saint-Germain line is the living memory and expression of the emblematic locale that first showcased the Maison.

Created by Diptyque as its signature scent, 34 boulevard Saint-Germain is a fragment of the soul and spirit of the location, a home fragrance to be brought home as a way of reconnecting with Diptyque’s art of living. 34 boulevard Saint-Germain is the only Diptyque fragrance that is at once woody, floral, spicy and herbaceous. It embodies the creative freedom and eclecticism that are the hallmarks both of Diptyque and of its original address.

Formerly only available in extra large size, 34 boulevard Saint- Germain candles now also come in the two iconic smaller formats. On the one hand, the medium size candle, its pot a translucent, opaline white, contains the emblematic oval rendered in toneon- tone. On the other, the large candle, with its engraved white biscuit pot and its three wicks, progressively releases the notes of the signature scent. Meanwhile, the limited edition 34 boulevard Saint-Germain scented oval – ideal for fragrancing small spaces such as drawers, closets and other enclosed places.

For a diffusion method that is both original and poetic, the hour glass in the 34 Collection allows the owner to enjoy the uniqueness of the iconic fragrance in their immediate surroundings for the space of an hour. Meanwhile, the home fragrance diffuser, designed to perfume large spaces on a long-term basis, allows it to unfold over time. Thanks to this beautiful object, designed in a perfect Diptyque oval, it is now entirely possible to savour the 34 experience non-stop in your own home.

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