forte_forte goes on a far reaching journey through the legendary regions of South America for this season's inspiration.

September 29, 2022

The forte_forte Fall 2022 RTW collection is the discovery of enchanted places where uncontaminated beauty reigns and nature pulses with powerful energy.

Striped fabrics in variegated hues are imbued with the splendour of vinicunca, with animal prints in soft alpaca and motifs reminiscent of enchanted forests, as well as eco-furs quilted in nylon for venturing into the Tierra del Fuego. Elegant jacquard textures in chenille pay homage to traditional inca weaving. Capes and long, soft coats in wool and cashmere or in herringbone bouclé wool envelop us in shades of horizonte, perla and dorado.

Velvety flocking like the “Flor de los Andes” evoke the spectacular blooms of the atacama desert. Chic wool shapes are clean, precise and essential, with dinner jackets and tailored trousers. The tonalities are pure and sharp, such as cashmere, chocolate, burgundy and noche. Delicate shades of snow–white blanco, ande and rosado echo the memorable atmospheres of the “Salar de Uyuni”, the world’s largest salt lake. Diamante prints shimmering on silky twill and velvet dresses, silk satins in elegant block colours, sparkling mirror sequins for amusing cropped t–shirts and long dreamy manteaus. Tulle likes starry skies and exquisite “fiesta” dresses. Knitwear is warm and chic in soft recycled eco–sustainable cashmere, with loose, generous fits.

Accessories for Fall are showcased through skillful handcrafted weaves, slender shamanic dancers made of beads, delicate glass animals as amulets of vitality, macramé necklaces with talismans made of magic and precious stones worked by hand, micro–bags of glass beads in which to store wonders.

Soft ballet flats in suede and gold laminated nappa display the refined interlacing of the shoes. Booties and ankle boots in multi–colored metallic nappa leather like butterfly wings on your feet; high boots in patent leather and soft leather in natural tones.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.


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