The secret heartbeat of the tropical forest in Brazil serves as the inspiration behind forte_forte's latest collection.

July 28, 2022

The forte_forte Pre-Fall 2022 ‘Preciosa’ collection paints, in a lively vibration of colors and shapes, with richness of fabrics and yarns, a world of elegance and vim.

Jacquard fabrics capture the plumage of mythical birds–of–paradise. The precious “Jaguar de Lua” hand embroidery tells the enchanted fairy tales of a magical land. Handmade habotai weaves narrate of unique pieces and precious craftsmanship. Couture structures decree their sartorial cut. Gorgeous silk satins and vibrant colored velvets paint sensual lines. Kaleidoscopic laminated tulle turns into hypnotic butterfly wings. The perfumes and amazonian petals give life to “orquidea fabulosa”, printed on satin, voile and impalpable silk chiffon.

The penetrating palette of amazonian nature traces a modernist painting. orchid petals and precious gems set the silhouettes into contemporary portraits. Nuances of blu noche, illuminated by stars sparkles and neon signs, fade into electric jazz blues and intense turquoise, with emerald green notes. Among soft tones of yoghurt and old rose, bright lime and soleil light up. from the sensual caju fruit, the velvety oranges and the amber turmeric envelop us in a silky embrace.

Soft craquelé ballerinas in lamé nappa leather, suede and woven gold to dance to the persuasive rhythm of bossa nova. Boots and calf–height boots in kaleidoscopic metal nappa leather like multicolored butterfly wings. fussbett structure, renewed by modernist cuts, with soft sheepskin and velvet or lively jacquards. The iconic boxing–style shoes in new, unexpected color and material combinations.

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