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October 25, 2021

The excitement of the holiday season, a feeling of joy and togetherness: with the Salvatore Ferragamo Holiday 2021 campaign, the brand puts the clock forward, taking us into the winter holidays and celebrating the warmth of friendship.

In an imaginary Italian villa that could be anywhere, just like home is anywhere when it’s shared, the young stars of the campaign get together for a dinner and movie night. Prompted by a mysterious invitation that will link three different episodes, in Italy, China and Korea—these last two revealed later.

Together with the Ferragamo Holiday collection, it stars a multi-varied cast of talented actors, composers and musicians who shake off their ‘working clothes’ to put on clothing, shoes and accessories with a festive spirit and timeless allure. The six Italian talents—Pilar Fogliati, Tezeta Abraham, Hildegard De Stefano, Guglielmo Poggi, Josef Gjura, and Carlo Palmeri—are joined by Jelly Lin and SEULGI, the brand’s two new Global Ambassadors, centre-stage in the second and third episodes of the Ferragamo Holiday tale from November.

With a language straight out of the movies, this short made by film director Barbara Anastacio offers the spectator a glimpse of the privacy and warmth of a shared moment. An emotion runs through the sequence of images that make up the campaign: the strength of friendship, the most intense of links. As unique as the link Ferragamo has with the innovative creativity of its products and with the world of cinema. A series of references featuring unmistakable symbols of this brand and its heritage, like the film chosen for movie night: Salvatore – Shoemaker of Dreams.

With Holiday 2021, Ferragamo invites us to pause a moment and notice the details, a gesture, a smile, a hug… because details are what form the whole picture and make the difference.


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