The Fall collection born from a moment of reflection, captures the very essence of Marine Serre.

March 24, 2021


The Marine Serre Fall 2021 RTW Core collection seizes a moment of systemic revolution within the fashion industry – a forceful movement brought to life through a trinity of contrasting mediums.

“This last year has been difficult for everyone, but there is no longer any question about it, things must be done differently. We want to bring Ecofuturism to the streets,” says Marine Serre.

For Fall, the collection is composed by regenerated styles for its 50% consolidating the other half with products realized by using recycled fibers. Forceful steps are taken towards a new way of consuming fashion: the regenerated garments and accessories of the White Line will be available at a reworked price point making Ecofuturistic pieces accessible to a broader public.

Always an archaeologist of textile, Marine Serre’s passion for material plays a vital part in the collection, allowing hybrid garments to drape the body. With skillful reconstruction and patchwork techniques, the fabrics define and influence silhouettes.

Soft Fleece Bedcover smoothly wraps itself around the body morphing into a cocoon of comfort. The massive print takes on a more subtle air aided by the smoothness of the silhouette. Resistant Leather coats and trousers in dark black, lasered with the moon in a UV print are paired with brown pieces in a jigsaw pattern, executed with surgical precision. Wavy Moire in soft lilac and black combine sporty with utilitarian silhouettes. Mini-skirts and silky puffer jackets mingle with playful accessories.

Redefined Workwear, a signature piece for Marine Serre. The iconic multi-pocket jacket, re-adapted in its fit with the addition of pockets designed especially for hand-sanitizer, created for our new reality. Sharp Tailoring, strewn with a subtle pattern of tonal ‘moon lozenge’ jacquard weave binds the shifting shape of the moon with firm perfection.

CORE is a love letter to all who are feeling lost in a world of isolation. This year we found strength in our roots and imagination as a force for transformation.


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