A selection of the collection’s latest designs accessorizes the models during the historic Spring 2021 presentation.

November 17, 2020


The Balmain Spring 2021 eyewear collection is once again a key part of Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week runway.

Balmain’s Creative Director Olivier Rousteing has enthusiastically embraced the collection—with the eyeglasses forming a key element in multiple Balmain shootings and campaigns, as well as in the designer’s personal wardrobe.

The collection’s Wonder Boy and B-1 styles are often the final touch added to Rousteing’s familiar uniform of DB blazer, jeans and sneakers. Building upon the unprecedented success of the premiere collection of Balmain Eyewear By Akoni, both Akoni and Olivier Rousteing worked hard to ensure that their latest eyewear creations—which include the line’s first optical eyewear designs—continue to channel Balmain’s unique spirit, heritage and design sensibility.

“It was important to all of us that the link between Balmain and these eyewear designs goes well beyond easy-to-identify branding and house codes,” explains Rousteing. “The new Armour style incorporates the oversized golden chains that were such an important ingredient in my Fall 2020 shows, and which have since been adopted as a unique rebellion-meets-heritage house signature.”

For the Spring 2021 runway, Rousteing explains that he will be concentrating on the collection’s new Brigade-I and Brigade-II designs: “I love their slightly ‘80s feel, which channels the pop vibe that has been such a big part of my recent collections. For the show, we’ve polarized the lenses, giving them striking orange and pink tones. Those lenses will complement the bright fluorescent tones of my Spring 2021 designs and they should look amazing on the men and women wearing them during our evening runway.”


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