The show is a dialogue as the debut collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, a creative conversation in progress.

September 28, 2020

For the Prada Spring 2021 RTW collection, inspiration is drawn from this inherently contemporary and inevitable fusion. The collection explores the notion of uniform, touching on multiple different interpretations of that concept – a uniform of Prada, of a community, a visual representation of identity, of shared and embraced values, a way of thinking.

Clothes are pared-back, refined, focused, without superfluous decoration: shell tops, straight pants, overcoats in industrial re-nylon, constructed using couture techniques, suits executed in fleece.

Garments are drawn around the body, held by the hand. It is an innately human gesture that can be transformative, translated into the architecture of pieces, to cut and form language.

A requisite component of uniform is simplicity: recognition, reducing clothing to an essence, to the essential. The wrap, a precise rectangle of fabric, is a logical outcome of this mode of exploration of reduction, a symbol representative of the collection’s overall considerations. Proposed in the different fabrications that comprise the collection – t-shirt jersey, fleece, re-nylon, embroidered duchesse satin, chiné taffeta – its intention can transform, speaking of protection or decoration, utility or adornment. The addition of pockets to pieces is a practical act – but in that practicality, it speaks of living and life, of the usefulness of clothes in a dialogue with the human body.

Examining a dialogue between mankind and machine, the notion of instinct and logic emerges: diametric opposites, the two nevertheless form a foundational dialogue to creativity. Both are quintessentially Prada – a consideration of the world, and a natural reaction to that stimulus. Another paradoxical dialogue, reflecting reality.


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