Maria Grazia Chiuri collaborates with talented artisans and local artists, showing support for the priceless savoir-faire of Puglia.

July 24, 2020

A true celebration of Puglia’s traditional arts and crafts, the Christian Dior Resort 2021 collection highlights the excellence of these priceless skills and pays homage to nature and the region’s unique landscapes, as a land that has always been close to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s heart.

“During this period, I sought to give collective efforts a new dimension. Despite the disadvantages of distance, bringing a different perspective to our daily lives has given us strength and imagination,” says Maria Grazia Chiuri, who for this Cruise show has chosen to reconnect her creative passion with the region of Puglia, a place close to her heart.

This collection is a choral work that celebrates the memory, values, culture and future of exceptional craftsmanship. In an experimental expression of ancestral savoir-faire, fabrics from the Le Costantine Foundation are used for a series of jackets, including the emblematic Bar. The motto of this unique place, “Amando e Cantando1”, is woven on the back of skirts.

Echoing the iconic, flower-embroidered Miss Dior dress by Christian Dior, artist Pietro Ruffo imagines a field studded with ears of wheat evoking a summer landscape. A narrative of untamed nature is transposed onto long, light cotton dresses, shirts and shorts. Composing a symbolic writing inspired by the illustrations featured in the book De Florum Cultura – published by Giovanni Battista Ferrari in 1638 – Pietro Ruffo created five drawings of flowers adorned with adages such as “Les parfums sont les sentiments des fleurs2” (Perfumes are the feelings of flowers).

Maria Grazia Chiuri speaks about the motivations behind her choosing the Italian region of Puglia as inspiration for the collection where she is very connected to and admirative of its traditions and savoir-faire, something she sought to develop and highlight in the collection.


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