Hermes presents a film spotlighting the new Mosaique au 24 handbag showcasing that sometimes all you need to find love again is a forgotten bag.

May 22, 2020


Confusion calls the tune in the streets of Paris when a missing Mosaïque au 24 bag ignites the spark of a new romance in the Hermès ‘The Forgotten Bag’ film.

The Mosaïque au 24 bag finds itself at the centre of a love triangle. Left behind on a public bench, it is soon found by a young man. Inside, a postcard and an address. This is the start of a love story tinged with Parisian romance.

The latest addition to the line of structured bags inspired by the Constance, the Mosaïque au 24 reveals a subtle and emotional performance behind its unique clasp that is perfect for this leading role. The result of the combined expertise of leather-workers and silversmiths, it redefines the concept of the handbag with complete simplicity, and could well win the best newcomer award in its category. Its architectural silhouette resembling a small box, decisively elegant and urban with its shoulder strap, makes it the new face of French cinema.

Every great actor has a signature – a look, a smile, a tone of voice. For the Mosaïque au 24 bag, it is its sculptural and geometric clasp inspired by the floor mosaic in the family home at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It draws on its history to offer a free, modern and innovative interpretation of this motif. Behind the pure lines of this tactile square of metal lies a clever push-button system that opens at the touch of the fingertips, revealing unexpected sensitivity. A true jewel, an ode to the complexity of Parisian women’s hearts.


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