The Marée Noire campaign brings a touch of AR, merging CGI with classic film and videotaping.

March 10, 2020

The Marine Serre Spring 2020 campaign Marée Noire, features a collaboration for the second season with the creative studio Actual Objects.

Nature culture and hybridity remain, also in this Campaign, fundamental vantage points, linking up Marine Serre’s collections with the brand’s creative pluriverse as whole, blurring the boundaries between digital and physical.

The first scene presents an oasis of life. Across ascending yellow balls, an amphibian figure emerges from water: a woman that has adapted to this enigmatic future environment by developing long ears and nails, which, as it appears, have become essential utensils for survival. This Seraphim joins a larger group of hybrid humanoids, resting on branches in this garden Idyllic. Machine flowers sprout amidst an explosion of fertility and abundance — but in the back the pipelines are present everywhere.

We are switching for the second chronicle, bringing us to a lost paradise deprived of water, amidst a community clearly very far removed from paradise. This is the austere homeland of Hippy- desert style groups, dictated by the unbearable heatwaves, compulsively exercising magical gestures and incantations, in their desperate attempt to invoke another world. They live to the backdrop of the pipeline structures, but apparently not in the know on what these pipes contains, or where they come from…

The scene switches again, showing a desolate post-industrial environment. Noble rebels and outlaws gather in these lands, moving beyond magic, incited by a more real, if preternatural force, to destroy the pipelines. Once they succeed, regenerating water bursts out, fertilizing the arid soil, and instantly a machine flowers grows from the leak, blooming lavishly.

he campaign concludes where the show started, with the entrance of another of Marine Serre’s Seraphims. A queen of rebels, accompanied by a Beuysian wolf, she walks fearlessly through the fire explosions that are silencing out over her mind power as she walks by, leaving the view upon what is to come: a land of dry dunes awaiting to be liberated, the scenery of the upcoming collection: FW20 — Mind Melange Motor.


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