Clare Waight Keller covers all bases from women’s daywear and eveningwear to men’s suiting to utilitarian sportswear in her Pre-Fall collection.

December 9, 2019


Designing to be more mindful of Givenchy’s environmental impact is very much top of mind by aiming to build more versatility and longevity into the collections.

“So I’ve been using these membrane fabrics, and layers; these permeable fabrics, some of which are organic and recycled,” Creative Director, Clare Waigth Keller said. “These new fabrics have to go through so much testing to get them to market, so it takes a little longer.”

In this Givenchy Pre-Fall 2020 collection, the designer has taken an intelligent approach to tackling the extravagance of one-wear evening dressing by suggesting mixing pieces.

Underpinning the coats, she created a series of jumpsuits–one of the biggest-selling categories at the moment. She knows why: “They’re just so quick and easy to pull on, like a dress—done!” Getting them right is all a question of fit, though. One of the styles, in mint, is a trompe l’oeil outfit which seems to be composed of a matching shirt and trouser.

That focus on practicality through design smarts is what will persuade a woman in a changing-room or in front of her own bedroom mirror. There were also several of the Givenchy couture-derived dresses here including nice ‘40s-ish balloon-sleeved lace.

Waight Keller’s greatest skill is her stealthy way of sneaking in female utilitarian under Givenchy’s prized glamour.


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