Authentic beauty lies in imperfection is the message underscoring the first Gucci makeup collection by Alessandro Michele.

May 10, 2019


Be bold, be bright and be beautiful as we reveal the Gucci Beauty debut lipstick collection, the first of the beauty range by Alessandro Michele.

Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the three new lipstick collections come in diverse formulations: Rouge à Lèvres Satin with a satin finish, Rouge à Lèvres Voile with a sheer finish, and Baume à Lèvres, a lip balm with a translucent finish.

The collection will feature balmy nudes for a pared-back look and punchy reds for some clout. In fact, the brand will have industry makeup artist, Thomas de Kluyver – known for his innovative, avant-garde beauty looks, as well as famous faces like Dani Miller, the lead singer in Brooklyn-based punk band Surfbort, and Gucci model Mae Lapres.

The renewed Gucci debut lipstick collection will mirror Gucci’s fashion and fragrance dynasty, occupying a cozy space between the chic and modern aesthetic of bestselling perfume, Gucci Bloom, and its recently launched The Alchemist’s Garden collection of candles and scents, which pays homage to vintage, apothecary-esque perfumery.

The products will first be unveiled through an exclusive party at the Doubles Club in New York, this evening where guests can choose from 58 different shades and three formulas. Cloaked in richly textured décor that evokes the year it opened, in 1976, the event will take place in the private Doubles Club in New York. This intriguing location will be fittingly customized to welcome Gucci’s guests and celebrate the new chapter of the Gucci Beauty story, starting with lipsticks.

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