This season, the Chanel Spring 2019 eyewear collection is a story about sunshine, the beach, natural materials and light

The Chanel Spring 2019 eyewear collection is story of fashion, inspired by the House’s Spring runway show using denim for some decidedly modern glasses.

Two sunglasses frames from the Spring 2019 RTW collection draw their inspiration directly from the beach and the summer. Both with graphic forms, they protect the gaze behind 24-carat gold lenses with a glittery, almost sandy, effect. The hammered gold temples of one adopt the motifs left by the waves on the sand while those of the second pair welcome one hundred tiny studs forming the letters of Chanel.

Some details are enough to identify a style. The chains that adorn the handbags, the accessories and the costume jewellery at Chanel are among these. A pair of XL round sunglasses and a pantos optical frame embellished with a trio of linked chains, interlaced with leather and beaded, deliver a very modern vision of the two-in-one accessory, both a piece of jewellery and a pair of glasses.

Asserting one’s style every day, merging fashion and timelessness to set the pace, this is the guiding principal for eyewear according to Chanel. The glasses in the Summer 2019 collection will be available in boutiques from March 2019.