Mykita Studio reinterprets the Nineties bling-bling, hip-hop aesthetic for the Twenty-first century

The Mykita Studio Spring 2019 collection takes inspiration from sacral architecture and its use of symmetry, placing eyewear models in abstract places of worship.

Mykita Studio represents the creative core of the modern manufacturer. The eyewear line is a showcase for high-fashion concepts – uncompromising designs that reflect the aesthetic zeitgeist. Conceived as a design series, each new installment starts with a clean slate. With no existing restraints or commitments Mykita Studio illustrates a moment in time. A central idea pursued to its consequent, physical manifestation.

With stainless steel models defined by slim silhouettes and embellished side pieces. True to the Mykita design identity, what first appears to be a logo insignia on either side of the front is in fact a functional piece connecting the temples. This nod to logo culture also holds the new must-have accessory – the neck chain.

Both stainless steel models feature a slim silhouette and embellished side pieces: STUDIO 8.1 with more angular contours and a double bridge, and STUDIO 8.2 offering a slimmer, oval version.

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