Balenciaga begins to move on with trendy tailoring and refined styles for Cruise

Demna Gvasalia designed the Balenciaga Resort 2019 collection plays on signs and symbols with the idea of unity. “The symbol on the bags is the one for transgender,” said Gvasalia. “I often try to include some messages that are important to be spread,” Gvasalia says. “It’s almost like advertising an idea, this very strong symbol.”

The Balenciaga collection included plenty of signs and symbols to play with. The footwear in this lookbook featured only two pairs of Balenciaga’s famous monster-sole dad sneakers. All the rest are dark leather shoes with elongated square toes, name of Rim.

With demi-casual street looks, the slightly flared boot-leg jeans, utilitarian quilted coats, plaid jackets, pullover sweater hybrids were the spotlight with unique tailoring and formality.

Gvasalia is one of the smartest fashion designers of our times, building onto the Balenciaga wardrobe. All the signatures of silhouette and Parisian chic for women, advancing fashion incrementally into new territory.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.