British brand Halpern is the latest designer to join forces with Topshop for a sparkly line up

Introducing the Halpern x Topshop collaboration with London-based emerging designer Michael Halpern embracing the brand’s signature look in 28 exclusive styles.

The collection mixes Studio 54-inspired American glamour with a large helping of haute couture detail and a dash of current autumn/winter 2018 trends: from a head-to-toe lime green ensemble that champions the neon trend, to a plethora of animal prints.

“The collection still has the ethos of what we do at Halpern – print, the illusion of sequins and that emotive quality we use when it comes to colour,” explained Michael Halpern. “Our first sentence with Halpern that first season was this unabashed glamour, over the top, and really, really extravagant in a way. That’s where we went for this collaboration. It was no-holds-barred, very intense, very colorful,” he says of his inspirations.

The collection features exotic outfits, from violet leopard mock-neck bodysuits to cropped shocking pink boleros to full-on iridescent sequined trousers. The designer chose focus on the night, only on a wild ride of color and texture.

“If you have a girl that likes something long and lean, we have this incredible strapless jumpsuit. Or if you’re the girl that likes to mix it with denim or a pair of black trousers, you can wear a bodysuit with that,” Halpern explains.

Shop the collection here.