Part of the McQueen collection, Alexander McQueen introduces a range of colorful scents that embodies every women.

November 2, 2018


Alexander McQueen presents eight precious fragrances for women inspired by the artistry of haute perfumery, innovation and contemporary design. Each McQueen fragrance is distinctive for its use of highly sought-after ingredients that harness the essential and mysterious beauty of nature.

Created by Sarah Burton – who consulted parfumeur Pierre Aulas, these new fragrances are inspired by the arts of perfume-making, innovation and contemporary living, with a hint of spiciness and sweetness.

A spicy floral scent, the deep crimson of red lily petals is combined with peppery red pimento resulting in a narcotic perfume, blasted by gunpowder. Blazing Lily is a modern declaration of power and love. A rich oriental scent, Amber Garden fuses comforting cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon to represent warm incense and benzoin trees. A delicately aromantic floral scent, Celtic Rose’s sweet essence is formed of feminine rose petal, while spice and pepper at the base create a rich finish. Luminous Orchid, an intoxicating oriental perfume, plays on the shadows beneath the glow of the exotic fuchsia orchid that illuminates the warmth of roasted sesame and Tonka beans and the bitter depth of coffee. Everlasting flowers grow wild and free, enriched by the salt-heavy breeze of the sea. An eternal dream of hope, Everlasting Dream is a woody aquatic perfume that brings the color back into life. A green woody chypre, Vetiver Moss evokes a tranquil walk across windswept moors. Vetiver diffuses the smoky power of earth while orris root brings a softer strength, as tender as morning mist. As a spicy woody floral perfume, Dark Papyrus combines the strong, earthy scent of Papyrus extract with juicy blackcurrant buds, its untamed energy is evocative of vital armor.

The pure fragrance of osmanthus petals, Sacred Osmanthus, evocative of optimism, is combined with the sensual scent of Lapsang Souchong tea resulting in a smoky, leathery floral perfume.


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