Zimmermann lends to the nostalgic era of the ’70s for the Resort collection

The Zimmermann Resort 2019 collection was inspired by a series of ’70s-era photographs of Anjelica Huston hanging out with Jack Nicholson.

Nicky Zimmerman noted that the idea behind the collection was something of a departure. “I don’t usually do muses,” she explained. “I usually do something more from personal memory. There were no stylists at the time, so hers was an ‘I’m my own person’ style,” she said.

Huston’s personal signature of wearing an orchid in her hair, for example, became a springboard for embroidered linen blouses, dresses with peekaboo details in front or back, belts, the burgeoning jewelry line, and even as embroidery on swimwear with retro-leaning, high-waisted bottoms. Crisp linen suits in minty or powder hues etched out an elongated silhouette, while high-waisted, cropped flares might pair with an airy, feminine floral blouse in silk linen organza. For women who count on Zimmermann for warm-weather events, some options shimmied with little macramé spheres or embroidered dots.

The Zimmermann woman travels as the brand strives to meet her wherever she goes, be it Mykonos, New York, or East Hampton. Pretty soon, that will include Paris. The Australian label’s created a collection lincluding linen blouses, sexy floral dresses with cut-out details, retro-inspired swimwear and pieces made of silk linen organza with special details such as macramé spheres and embroidered dots.

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