Les Mondes de Chaumet is comprised of three chapters that combine the virtuosity of the Maison with otherworldly dreams

The first stop, Russia, the second stop, Japan, and finally the third stop: Africa. The Chaumet Trésors d’Afrique collection tells of an Africa that boasts an original nature, a nature that’s generous – offering us its treasures – and storied, inevitably fascinating for a Maison that has always explored naturalistic themes.

With its sights trained on the world from the beginning, the Maison imbues its inspirations through cultural confluences. The Chaumet designers have consistently pushed the boundaries of their creativity, with a curiosity about the arts of the world at large, giving birth to a wealth of new ideas. Discover the appreciation, in 2018, by Chaumet, jeweler to empresses, of these cultures that celebrate and honor majestic femininity.

Echoing the vitality of the arts of faraway lands, Trésors d’Afrique is a compendium of colours, materials and textures revisited through the virtuosity of Chaumet’s artisans, who push the limits of jewellery technique to produce the most dazzling pieces.

Go behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the third chapter of the High Jewellery collection Les Mondes de Chaumet, titled Trésors d’Afrique.