Edgy yet chic, Alexander Wang launches a Pre-Fall collection for the fashionably bold

The Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2018 collection was inspired by the black-and-white shots of Sade, the sexy femininity and powerful spirit.

The collection featured substantial black and white which dominated the collection where Wang emphasized hardware. There were LBDs with fewer tailored suits.

Some women will wear the black robe with micro grommets studding the lace hem as a coat, others will prefer to loll around in it in the bedroom. Sexy seems to be the prevailing message. Aside from that generously cut robe coat, the silhouettes are tight and short. Describing the collection himself, Wang offered a caveat: “Sexy but powerful. She’s an alpha woman, making her own money and her own decisions.”

The collection features a more modest fashion direction with subtle tailoring, details with rouching, a conservative color palette all inspired by a powerful feminine movement.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.