Missoni creates free, adventurous, layered recollections for Cruise.

July 3, 2018


The Missoni Resort 2019 collection features romantic interpretations of cultures and ethnic customs, tribal manners of imagining, dressing and fusing articles of clothing to the body.

Transforming into an extension of itself; a personal elaboration of passions, experiences, memories and collected mementos from travels. Far-off places, lived or dreamt, flow into one another and take shape in the present. Black and whites. Arrays of colour. Pale and patinated shades from sage to ecru or orange to powdery pink and white cascade through graphic and geometric patterns and floral prints, surprising and unparalleled designs and iconic motifs from the archives of the Maison Missoni; interacting with the soft textures of printed leathers and the vaporous volumes of paper-like fabrics.

Motifs and colours blend together as they draw closer to one another and layer one upon the other, giving rise to new proportions. Jackets designed from patchworks of unmistakeable space-dyed patterns in waves and zigzags are created as unique pieces from archival fabrics. Cropped tops and knitted cardigans intersect the volumes of long dresses. Large, straight trousers are cut at the calf or rolled just above the ankle. Chunky cotton-and-linen knits fashion large turbans that accentuate the exotic traces of these romantic outfits.

Embellished with strands of golden chains or crocheted details and fetish pendants. Liaison necklaces of seashells and floral inlays of multicoloured enamels compliment a parure that includes large rings and pendant earrings. Alternatively, enormous golden-hoop earrings are covered in a floral-print fabric. Reminiscent of a punk sentiment, masculine shoes in colourful calfskin are front-laced with brightly-coloured ribbons that highlight the sharp design or are otherwise realised as oxfords in patent leather or multicoloured calfskin with a slight platform heel.


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