Chaumet introduces its new and colorful additions to the Liens and Hortensia jewelry collections

For the Chaumet Summer 2018 collection, the naturalistic Hortensia Eden collection is enriched with shapely new models, and with an air of playful possibility, meanwhile the Jeux de Liens boast new colours.

In Chaumet’s Jardins, the hydrangea flowers blossom and dye themselves of the colours of the dawn or the Milky Way, the golden bees forage not far from their diamond alveolus beehives. Chaumet transforms its iconic Hortensia collection into a lush garden of Eden, combining colourful natural stones with pretty pink gold. Available in lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise, the Hortensia flower crafted from lapis lazuli, malachite or turquoise.

The “Jeux de Liens” creations are adorned with hard stones for the first time – their fresh and vivid hues evoke the crisp whites and blues of a swimming pool glinting in the sun.