The fearlessness of a dancer’s movement is the inspiration behind Roland Mouret’s latest collection

Contemporary dance masters Martha Graham and Pina Bausch are the inspiration behind the Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Starring the multi-talented rising star, Kota Eberhardt, her dynamic spirit embodies the seasonal pieces and she tells us a few stories about dressing for self in a very intimate interview.

As a designer, “women’s experience is becoming the starting point of how you have to change,” said Mouret. At the top of his mind is the question of “how clothes can trap or free you.”

Kota Eberhardt adds the ability to bring clothes to life in movement, making a compelling projection of how Mouret is thinking. To start with, Eberhardt, who is appearing imminently in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, is a symbolic multidimensional figure, he says: “She is an actor, artist, writer. There was a time when people weren’t allowed to be more than one thing. That’s completely changed now, and it’s inspiring.”

Vanina Sorrenti’s photographs of Eberhardt leaping through the dynamics of the collection—the fluid asymmetric cuts, light but rich-looking fabrics, generous yet weightless volumes—speak for themselves. Down to the Greek sandals Mouret has made in a collaboration with Newbark, thiscollection uses all his skills to liberate summer occasion dressing from the hampering rules of formality.

Watch behind the scenes as dancer KOta Eberhardt embodies the spirit of the Pre-Fall collection by Roland Mouret.