Iris Law is the face of Buberry’s new sheer-matte stain lipstick

The Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Crush has launches of sheer-matte stain lipsticks boasting twelve shades of ‘buildable colour’, the weightless formula transforms to a powdery, no-fade matte finish that lasts.

Iris Law is artistic director for Lip Velvet Crush, collaborating with her friends, exploring what beauty means to them.

“In a celebration of individuality and creativity, Iris cast her eclectic group of friends, capturing intimate portraits on location in London,” reveals Coty. “The campaign film hails self-expression through colour, asking what beauty means to the individual.”

The video is accompanied by an image photographed by Laura Coulson, and a e-zine created by Law that documents and celebrates the artistic vision of the project.

“What I find beautiful is when anyone accepts themselves for who they are,” says Iris Law.