Jil Sander creates yet another collection of timeless silhouettes for Cruise.

June 1, 2018


In the Jil Sander Resort 2019 collection, the focus is on everyday minimalism paired with of-the-moment accessories.

An unassuming plastic shopping bag used for errands at the Saturday farmers’ market becames an adorable object of desire, knitted in nylon in mouthwatering sherbet colors and delicately embroidered with tiny beads. Other mundane objects, like striped mattresses, kitchen tiles, and Vichy tablecloths, received the same ultra-polished treatment, translated into linear, beautifully layered elastic tunics and tops or fluid shirting ensembles and pajama suits, nodding to the feeling of intimacy and ease they wanted to celebrate.

Tailoring was given a soft edge and a sense of functional purpose where shapes were kept light and nonrestrictive, cut loose with sharp precision. An artisanal finish in the choice of textures gave substance to the sensuous flair of shell overcoats, loose egg-shaped jackets or blazers with detachable bibs, and feminine corsets zippered on the inside. “Luxury has to do with feeling good in your clothes and in your personality,” said Lucie. “It’s also about empowerment, which only comes through confidence and ease.”

The apparel followed a simplistic theme which exemplifies chic separates such as a bustier worn three different ways with well-cut trousers and a blazer. The way that the label’s bold logo is worked into designs is also worth noticing, you’ll find it on mini bags and even inside of a translucent tote.

The range features a relaxed color palette which relies on hues like a muted tan, black and sky blue in addition to pops of khaki.

In the realm of accessories, Jil Sander created crisp leather carryalls, artsy jewelry and whimsical footwear.


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