Christian Louboutin creates the new Manilacaba that celebrates this light-hearted atmosphere

Between Filipino art and the flare of Christian’s vision, the Christian Louboutin Manilacaba collection features  symmetrical patterns of interwoven colours. The collection rekindles the joyful brightness of Filipino designs while the designer’s name delicately stands at the centre of artful vegetal embroideries, distinctive of traditional costumes.

On the front of the Tote, sequins and cotton threads are embroidered into a playful wink to the crowded Jeepneys, which are also referenced on the lining of the bag in an eye-popping pattern that transcribes Manila’s passionate lifestyle.

Manilacaba Piloutin honours the natural wonders of the seas surrounding the Philippines. Marvel at the islands’ treasures and plunge to the bottom of the lagoon where the crystallised Piloutin bags await you.

Inspired by the shimmering seabed, they are ornamented with brilliant Swarovski crystals and beaming with pearlescent shells. Swim through the pristine waters and explore the multicoloured wilderness of the coral reefs to discover the sea-flower Artemistrap, a delicate pink anemone. Gently floating on a floor of stones and pearls, it flutters lightly as the tide brushes its fluffy filaments.

With only 10 one-of-a-kind Piloutin bags and 10 Artemistrap available worldwide, these rare collectible pieces will be gone before the next tide withdraws.