Edun takes us on a journey of picturesque landscapes and poignant looks

For the Edun Fall 2018 collection, we were immersed in a lineup of wearable outerwear with comfortable trousers and shirting, easy dresses, were inspired by the journeys through Africa.

The collection was eye-catching with a denim ensemble featuring hand-beaded fringe, the miniskirt made from Ugandan vegan bark leather, the trenchcoat stamped with the bike’s custom alphabet mudcloth print. Jewelry adds a punch to the looks with red and magenta bead necklaces and bracelets were made in partnership with Kazuri Beads in Kenya, which currently employs over 300 women who make custom jewelry and ceramics using local clay.

For Fall, Edun continues its dedication to sustainability and its work with artisans in Africa with collaborations with the Ethical Fashion Initiative in Burkina Faso and Weavers Worth in Kenya. Also impressive is the fact that Edun remains without a single design figurehead. It operates with a design team and, of course, with creative input from founder Ali Hewson. Though there are many cooks in the kitchen, whether that kitchen is in Africa or the U.S., Edun continues to churn out astutely chic collections with focused through lines.