Daniëlle Cathari adds a twist to adidas Originals’ classic stripes with this collaboration

Debuting during New York Fashion Week, the adidas Originals x Daniëlle Cathari collection was inspired by it-model Kendall Jenner.

Comprised of a range of colorful tracksuits and complementary pieces to pair with adicolor gear. Bodysuits, crop tops and skirts are brightened with the adidas’ signature hues, including red, blue, green and yellow. The Three Stripes insignia is copied along the unconventional seams of the garments reinventing the classic coordinate. In true rebel fashion, Daniëlle deconstructed the ’90s silhouette and updated it for the modern cozy girls.

“I wanted to create a blend of super 90s silhouettes, like bodysuits with cutouts or cargo pants, but in contemporary, neutral colors like beige and off-white,” said Cathari.

The first drop will launch on February 17th with each fashion week city receiving its own color of tracksuit. London will receive the yellow colorway, New York, the orange, Paris, the blue and finally Shanghai, the pink. A second drop will take place in April.

Discover the collection here.