Stroll in for some sunglasses at Dior’s new eyewear store

There is a new address: 28, Avenue Montaigne. The Christian Dior first eyewear boutique in Paris is devoted entirely to this highly coveted accessory, a first for a couture house.

The interior reflects the brand’s ethos perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic with accents of calming gold tones and rounded edges complementing the eyewear on display, highlighting frame shapes and detail.

It will offer vintage pieces and creations in exclusive colors. The DiorSoReal style sunglasses will be available for review at the opening. Along with the range of eyewear available, there will also be a selection of designed pouches and trunks to store your new glasses. Designed differently for men and women, there is a variety of choices range from sleek, black cases to studded red pouches.

It is an unprecedented move by Dior; the brand’s luxury and couture counterparts are known to offer their eyewear selections within all-encompassing brick-and-mortars alongside ready-to-wear and other accessories.