Celebrate a decade of cool Italian shades as Retrosuperfuture launches a design project to commemorate.

January 4, 2018


Founded in Milan in 2007, Retrosuperfuture celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. To mark this occasion, Retrosuperfuture asked the students of the prestigious Swiss design school ECAL to create a celebratory pair of sunglasses that would encapsulate the brand’s ethos and history. The SUPER / ECAL workshop resulted in numerous interesting designs and concepts, amongst these the Ilaria with laurels stood out and was chosen for this exclusive limited edition.

With a decade of success and hard work behind the brand, this collaboration offered a unique occasion to also think about the future, questioning the way Retrosuperfuture might evolve, what are its next steps and what new ground-breaking designs might be expected. In this sense, Daniel Beckerman has stressed the effort and hard work put by Retrosuperfuture’s design team in the past, while also highlighting the new partnership with red circle that will surely elevate the brand’s success to new levels.

Determined to make Retrosuperfuture’s iconic design even more popular Daniel Beckerman stated future goals: “iI hope Super will become a bit more diffused on the market and consolidate its brand, making it iconic, a cult of the eyewear sector”.

Following its foundation in 2007, for the past ten years Retrosuperfuture has established itself as a market and lifest yle leader in terms of innovation and research in eyewear design. Starting with its first collection of colorful sunglasses, the brand’s approach to design and innovation has evolved to include some of the most sophisticated, trend-set ting concepts, lines and silhouettes. Among others, concepts such as Tuttolente should be remembered as milestones in contemporary eyewear design, while the brand’s ongoing collaboration with artists and designers —that previously included the eclectic Visiva collection —are unprecedented in its field.

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