Join in the festivities as Dolce & Gabbana lights up the holidays with a parade of bright hues for its latest makeup campaign

Discover the Dolce & Gabbana Royal Parade holiday 2017 campaign and follow Caroline Daur through the old streets of Bari, surrounded by the “luminarie” and a jubilant brass band. Her look evokes a festive atmosphere through a palette of bright and vivid colours.

Evoke the festive atmosphere of the holiday season with a colourful palette inspired by the traditional “luminarie” and characterised by bright and vivid colours. The festive and bright color cosmetics collection features royal jewel toned blues, emerald greens, and ruby reds – with added pops of pink.

The new Royal Paradise collection showcases royal blue shades, emerald green, ruby red and bright pink colors in the products like kohl liners, nail polish, creamy eye-shadows, gold highlighter stick and lipstick.

The campaign imagery for the Dolce & Gabbana Royal Parade collection was shot by fashion photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli, headed to the streets of Bari, Italy. The models pose amidst the decor and a jubilant brass band in the Bari streets. The effect is like a magical street carnival, which is the perfect mood for the lively makeup. The campaign inspired by the whimsy brass instruments would be incomplete without some accompanying sounds.