The Prada Postman returns and he’s on a mission for the Holidays

Prada introduces “The Postman’s Gifts”, a series of short movies directed by acclaimed American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde, a project for the Holiday Season.

Serving as our reintroduction to The Postman Dreams, and introducing Elijah Wood as The Postman, the debut instalment, ‘The Bogey’, immediately plunges the viewer into filmmaker Autumn de Wilde’s visually arresting universe. Actress Emma Roberts is the heroine and plays herself in the Prada ‘The Bogey’ holiday film, a Hollywood vernacular for an individual breaching the set, and walking through a shot while the camera is rolling.

The Postman here become the unwitting ‘Bogey’, an interruption to an epic in the making, delivering a gift – Prada’s Galleria Bag – to its delighted star player.

The central protagonist, the heroine, is the Prada Galleria bag, a key plot-point in each film. It is a shared focus and object of desire: the thread connecting each of the instalments, alongside our hero, Hollywood star Elijah Wood as the enigmatic ‘Postman’.

Humorous and whimsical, with a touch of daydream and moments of pure surreal wit, each film presents itself as a self-contained fragment. These films are a fantasy, to be indulged. A gift to be enjoyed.