Feminine meets masculine in a commemorative Spring 2018 collection.

October 3, 2017

The inspiration for the Etro Spring 2018 collection comes from India, first via founder Gerolamo Etro, and now carried forward by co-designers and siblings Veronica and Kean Etro.

“Haute bohemian” is the stated style of the collection, and indeed, there’s a bit of the The Beatles’ Maharishi-era, in the creation of something that seems to be an expression of the divine on earth.

Kean brought his menswear collection out of the menswear schedule to present it alongside his sister’s womenswear to mark the 50th anniversary of the house. Veronica’s women wore Kean’s embroidered jacquard jackets and his men wore her jeweled velvet robes and silk printed waistcoats. They also both borrowed from genres and styles and moments of history that crossed over with that of the paisley pattern that has so defined Etro since its introduction there in 1981. Cricket jumpers, jodhpur trousers, five buttoned Beatles jackets, and boho chiffon maxi dresses hinted at the multigenerational occidental assimilation/appropriation of this ancient Persian/Indian pinecone motif. Sherwani-cut robes and sari necklines doffed their caps to its origins.

This is an exquisite collection, detailed, gorgeous, and textured. Beginning with whites, it matured into a series of rich, sophisticated color combinations fit for a sultan, traveler, or poet. But they would be equally at home at a swinging soirée.

Go backstage and explore the details behind the Etro Women’s and Men’s Spring 2018 fashion show.


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